Andrea Incontri

The symbol of his new brand is the letter I – designed in the form of a building, an industrial construction, a sustainable house, a creative hub, a co-housing where the shared task is to exchange ideas.
I stands for independent, I for instinctive, I for incredibly real, I for industrial, I for imaginative, I for individual, I for interconnected.
It is the symbol stitched and designed on each item of the collection, creating in this way a freely evolving army of distinctive and graphic products.

In Incontri’s interpretation, HER and HIM stand for simple attributes which try to
describe the human spirit, characteristics telling spontaneously who we are and
who we would and would not like to be. A new conscious beginning.

Andrea Incontri puts much attention on the choice of prime materials and their
relation with the environment. Including the non-usage of animal skin, leather.
The photographic manifesto of Andrea Incontri was curated by Giampaolo Sgura.